street markets and fake goods

walking through the street markets in mongkok, i realized that every single one of these places must get their fake stuff from the same wholeseller.

i always see the same brands and the exact same styles. i see a LOT of dr. dre beats (justin bieber ones too!), mulberry, louis vuitton and marc by marc jacobs (a surprising number of these). I even saw fake board games (agricola, puerto rico, carcassonne)!

i took these pictures at different shops, though they look like they could be the same place. i had to be discreet since most shop keepers get mad at you if they see you taking pictures.


the best part is how easy it is to bargain with these people. you don’t even have to be the one negotiating. you just have to look interested in something and then walk away. the further you walk away, the louder you can hear the shopkeeper yell and the lower her selling price will get with every step you take.

also, this place will remove your mole for you in 10 minutes.





this shop in mongkok sells red pockets (lucky red envelopes chinese people give to each other during new years, birthdays, weddings, etc).


 nothing else. just red pockets.


street business

my dad was explaining to me what these ladies were doing on the streets.


aparently, it is a very superstitious thing. these old ladies set up their “shop” on the streets … with fire, candles, incense sticks and pictures and figures of Chinese deities. they also have stools in front of their displays for customers to sit on.

basically, a customer would approach them and tell them the name of someone they really hate, like, really really despise. and the old ladies would basically do this “voodoo”-type ritual where they wish horrible things upon this person. then, they would say that this cut out figure of a person is the hated person and hit them with a shoe or burn them or something, and that is supposed to inflict pain upon them in real life.

it’s a really twisted business.