food. food. food. food. food.

met up with my uncle for the last time this trip, which means it was a day full of food. we had afternoon tea at 2pm and dinner at 6pm with a snack in between.

oh my.

my uncle overheard that i wanted to try toast in hong kong. they make it a special way, drenching it in condensed milk and butter. of course, i had to get lemon iced tea with it πŸ™‚


dinner was delicious. i’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


and my favourite… finally had peking duck πŸ™‚



street business

my dad was explaining to me what these ladies were doing on the streets.


aparently, it is a very superstitious thing. these old ladies set up their “shop” on the streets … with fire, candles, incense sticks and pictures and figures of Chinese deities. they also have stools in front of their displays for customers to sit on.

basically, a customer would approach them and tell them the name of someone they really hate, like, really really despise. and the old ladies would basically do this “voodoo”-type ritual where they wish horrible things upon this person. then, they would say that this cut out figure of a person is the hated person and hit them with a shoe or burn them or something, and that is supposed to inflict pain upon them in real life.

it’s a really twisted business.

moar food

pig out time again. within 3 hours of our last giant meal, my uncle took us to another restaurant in causeway bay for dinner.

you know a place is fancy if they give you a wet nap. hahaha.


also, this… advertisement (?!) was under my bowl. lul at the lady.


i hate when they make you drink hot tea out of a glass cup. makes no sense.


appetizer plate! shrimp, scallops, cucumber, beef and “mook yi”


yums, sweet and sour pork. this was probably the best i ever had. it was fried to perfection and the meat was not tough in any way. there was a slight layer of fat between the fried skin and the meat and it was so tender. omg.


obligatory veggie plate πŸ™‚


fish and vegetables in a very flavourful broth. drank that up like nothing.


snow peas! yums.


so much food today. seriously. i was so bloated.

asian whole foods

we went inside the times square mall and stumbled upon what could only be described as the whole foods of hong kong. there was so much crazy stuff here!

caviar! i’ve never seen caviar sold in a grocery store before. this was crazy expensive.


foie gras right next to the caviar!


smoked pork of some sort. it. was. delicious. (it was like a costco in there too – free samples at every corner)


oysters on oysters on oysters. yum.


dat geoduck.


salmon and sea urchin box. no big deal.


interesting poster i saw regarding nutritional labels in hong kong. basically says:

  1. you’re not allowed to make false claims (“fat free!”, “low sugar!”, “lose 20 lbs in a week with this product!”, “red bull gives you wings!”) on your product
  2. if you have a low volume of sales in the area, then you are exempt from the law and you don’t have to show your nutritional label. lol wot.


hong kong times square

we walked towards hong kong times square in causeway bay which is the giant shopping complex in the heart of the district. there was a winter wonderland-esque theme outside and i guess they had a deal with Lego because there were giant lego houses all around πŸ™‚


and the burberry store had this GIANT tv screen above it. wot. so cray.


ALSO! second celebrity sighting. i have no idea who the bro is, but apparently he is a pretty famous HK movie actor.


pig status achieved

my uncle took us to a restaurant in causeway bay and we had afternoon tea.

this was SO GOOD. it was slices of fish paste (or whatever it’s called) in “lai mien” which is like a udon/ramen hybrid in a really flavourful broth. i devoured this like nobody’s business.


this was some imitation shark’s fin soup dish. it was pretty good- it was kinda hard for me to taste the difference between imitation and real.. probably because i haven’t had real shark’s fin soup in ages. apparently places around hong kong are starting to ban the dish.


really good dumpling-type dim sum dish. delicious! there were peanuts in it. i loved the crunchiness πŸ™‚


“seen jook guen” but cooked differently


almond milk dessert


mango pudding :9 (confession: i ended up eating the whole thing)


status: PIG. can’t get enough food.


my uncle doing his thing, calculating the bill before asking the waitress for the total so he’ll know right away if they’re lying to him. so luls.