long day ahead. we left my aunt’s place around 9am and took the light rail to the shopping center nearby which is also where the “bus terminus” is. we were looking for food around the shopping center but most shops were closed and the mall was huge and divided into two parts. I found a floor map and pointed out a restaurant I saw that was highly rated on open rice (Asian version of Yelp, lul). we went up to the 2nd floor and asked a security guard how to get to the third floor and she informed us that there’s nothing on that floor and everything that was once there is now closed.


so we resorted to Yoshinoya which was the only thing we passed by that was open and had the ability to fill us up. I remember seeing one in San Diego and someone told me to stay away. derp.

I ordered a beef kelp udon or whatever they call it. the beef was good, broth was hella salty but the noodles were not bad– they tasted exactly like the ones I would make in college. however– would not eat again. not in Hong Kong, not anywhere.

after eating, we stopped by a Chinese bakery and bought a few pieces of bread in case we got hungry during our day trip. and also because we’re asian.


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