wedding bells

preparing for the wedding 🙂

tomorrow is a big day!



street markets and fake goods

walking through the street markets in mongkok, i realized that every single one of these places must get their fake stuff from the same wholeseller.

i always see the same brands and the exact same styles. i see a LOT of dr. dre beats (justin bieber ones too!), mulberry, louis vuitton and marc by marc jacobs (a surprising number of these). I even saw fake board games (agricola, puerto rico, carcassonne)!

i took these pictures at different shops, though they look like they could be the same place. i had to be discreet since most shop keepers get mad at you if they see you taking pictures.


the best part is how easy it is to bargain with these people. you don’t even have to be the one negotiating. you just have to look interested in something and then walk away. the further you walk away, the louder you can hear the shopkeeper yell and the lower her selling price will get with every step you take.

also, this place will remove your mole for you in 10 minutes.



food. food. food. food. food.

met up with my uncle for the last time this trip, which means it was a day full of food. we had afternoon tea at 2pm and dinner at 6pm with a snack in between.

oh my.

my uncle overheard that i wanted to try toast in hong kong. they make it a special way, drenching it in condensed milk and butter. of course, i had to get lemon iced tea with it 🙂


dinner was delicious. i’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


and my favourite… finally had peking duck 🙂


mcdonalds in hong kong

one of the things i really wanted to try in hong kong was mcdonalds. i’ve been told that mcdonalds is different everywhere in the world, with every country adding their own twist to the fast food favourite.

my dad ordered the big mac combo ($21HKD = $2.72USD … wow), my mom had some grilled chicken sandwich and I ordered something that was called the McSpicy but looked just like the mcchicken as i know it from canada. (those who know me will know that i strongly believe the american mcchicken is an imposter of a sandwich.)

2 combos, 1 sandwich and upsized “shake shake” fries costed less than $100HKD = $12.97USD. crazy!


the mcspicy was good. it tasted and it looked like the mcchicken, except when you bite into the patty, you can actually taste the chicken meat rather than it having been fried and frozen beyond all taste recognition. this was a nice and pleasant surprise. a downside, however, was that since the chicken was fried and battered, the patty was extremely oily. after i took a bite into the sandwich, i could see oil guzzling from the meat. i was blotting my sandwich after every bite!


something unique to hong kong (as far as i know) are the shake shake fries. an upgrade of $4HKD = $0.52USD will get you a paper bag along with a pack of seasoning. the idea is to dump your fries and the seasoning into the bag and “shake shake” it until you have a bag of flavoured fries. i’ve been told the seasonings are set and you don’t have any choice. i was looking forward to trying the seaweed flavour, but when i ordered, they had honey bbq (which was good!)


macau vs vegas: a reflection

macau at night is interesting. to me, it’s just like hong kong — a very “night market” type place. everyone is on the streets, not drunk, but hungry and seeking delicious and cheap fare from the local street vendors.


macau and vegas are very different. people always compare the two, but the only thing they have in common is that their main source of revenue comes from the local casinos. people go to vegas to party, get drunk and have their bachelor/bachelorette parties. people go to macau with stacks of cash ready to gamble. it’s no surprise that macau rakes in 5x more profits from casinos than vegas. 

walking through macau, i couldn’t spot a single night club. maybe they are tucked into the hotels somewhere, but even so, there are not that many large hotels. the ones that are large, however, are extravagant. case in point — the venetian which is apparently 4x the size of its vegas counterpart, and also has the largest casino floor in the world.


the wynn macau has a fiery fountain show and inside, a crazy “rotunda” that twists and turns and opens up and plays music. it’s absolutely nuts.

fountain show:




one thing also to note is that in vegas, you can drink anywhere– one of my favourite things about vegas. but in macau … i’m looking at the casino floor and everyone either has tea, water or coke. i asked my cousin and he told me alcohol is served ….. in the VIP areas.

walking through the streets of macau at 1AM, nobody is drunk and nobody is rowdy. everyone’s crowded around the many, many bacarrat tables in the venetian with their life savings in chip form, not knowing what the next few minutes of their life would entail. 

comparing and contrasting some other things..

in vegas, you have street people slapping their escort cards and shoving them in your face. in macau, they just throw these on the floor and hope that as you walk home alone to your hotel room with your head slumped from losing your life savings in a game of sic bo, companionship may be the one thing you seek.


similarity: long taxi lines in both vegas and macau.


the hotel rooms were large, keeping in mind that you are in china.


also, the hotel receptionist told me that everything in the mini-bar is free of charge. i was so excited, until i discovered the contents:


dat san miguel tasted good, though.

so, macau- you alright. but i’m more of a vegas girl. though, I must admit, you have delicious food.